Privacy policy

X has state of the art technology to provide its customer ease to order this implemented technology gives security and strict features and policy guidelines to ensure the privacy of customer’s personal information. In order to ensure CBE provides necessary steps to secure/protect customer or user information a continuous effort is put to enhance CBE security process as and when new technology is made available. CBE allows customer to visit portal without anonymous even though we track internet protocol address of the portal/domain from which customers access us. The data gathered is used for to understand the customer behavior/trends and statistics.

CBE respect third parties information of any kind taken from the registration for, or use of, for our online services. CBE will not disclose, share such information including names and addresses without the consent of the user or customer. CBE share such information in the event legal warrant, a court order for an individual or corporate representative to appear before the court or to provide specific evidence or any other legal process or in the case of in person harm been caused to the user others. CBE provide its associates, suppliers to access the information for the purpose of confirming your bookings, ticketing, order, registration in order to providing you the benefits you are entitled.

Currently CBE customers or users have choice to provide their information or not and going forward customers would continue to enjoy this choice. Irrespective of information been provided or not customer can still access CBE with some access limitations to options, offer and services.

CBE web pages use cookies in order to provide customer with customization on next visit to CBE. These customer or users can set their browser to notify when you send a cookie, giving you the option to decide whether or not to accept it. CBE purely use the information collected using these means to improve your stay with us.

We request customer to access our privacy policy time to time to ensure understand our current policies. CBE will ensure that future policy changes are posted in this page CBE will put reasonable attempt to respond to reasonable concerns or inquiries within 7 business days of receipt. Please do refer privacy policy in you subject line.